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Drone Mapping 2D 3D

Drone Mapping 3D

Bespoke 2D 3D Mapping Solutions For Your Business

Agriculture flight plan for Quadcopter

2D and 3D Mapping and Surveying

Here you can see the mapping flight path the drone will take, this is done with a series of images are taken at a set height to produce a 3D model using Mavic 2 Pro UAV's in Norfolk & UK



Mapping School Grounds Top View

School Grounds Resurfacing

3D mapping was used to identify the area in one part of the school grounds, accurate measurements were needed to find the area for resurfacing materials for the playground

Mapping School Grounds

Mapping area To Determine The Size Of The Rooms

3D mapping is essential to understand the complete picture and put your project in perspective. Allowing the building of a 3D model from the captured Geodata.

3D Drone Imaging Using our drones (UAVs) fitted with a high-resolution camera, we can capture 20-megapixel aerial images for a range of commercial photogrammetry mapping applications. We can quantify and map difficult-to-reach locations such as quarries, and construction sites.

Photogrammetry is a stitched-together mapped view of data based on still images and their positions/angles determined by their geo-located metadata. This can be used to build a 2D map or a 3D model.

We generate 2D photo-mosaics and 3D Digital Surface Models in the form of geo-referenced Orthomosaics, DSM, DEM, NDVI, and Point Clouds using either PC-based software or cloud-based drone mapping software like Pix4D Mapper and DroneDeploy, depending on the client's final output requirements.

Client data can use or import this aerial imaging data into GIS, CAD compatible applications such as ArcGIS, Global Mapper, QuantiumGIS, AutoCAD, 3D Reshaper, Trimble, Fast Terrain Reader, Bentley, and CC Viewer after it has been processed and analysed quickly through a rich scripting engine.

Land Surveyors Are An Obvious Beneficiary Of Aerial Mapping

2D orthophotographyThe higher the altitude, the more land we can cover; however, the lower the altitude, the more detailed the picture. The images' maximum resolution begins at 5cms per pixel and can be increased to 1cm per pixel.

The type of industry and the expected results determine the flight altitude and image overlap. For most jobs, we fly at a clear height in a uniform patterned route, with the overlap of pictures to the front and side set at 80-85%.

Because it is an accurate representation of the Earth's geographic surface, 2D orthophotography can be used to measure actual distances. In the software, the overlapping geo-referenced aerial imagery are stitched together to produce readable maps for measurement with google earth.

2D orthophotography

Since the measurements are an accurate representation of the Earth's geographic surface, 2D orthophotography can be used to calculate real distances. The program stitches together the overlapping geo-referenced aerial images to create a 2D Orthomosaic - 2D photo-mosaic image.

This started as a 78 camera, this was converted to a 2D image map, then overlaid and scaled into Google Earth. Accurate measurements can now be achieved.

Mapping Building Simulation Overlay

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